Josiah Burdick

Director + Cinematographer

Josiah handles a huge portion of the hands on, not only as director and cinematographer but often with creative vision as the final editor and colorist. But where he really shines is as the overall ideas guy. Concepting, spitballing, riffing. He’s equally at home in the boardroom as he is on the film set.

His experience ranges from feature films, to television, to commercials and he loves to tackle new and challenging ideas.


Charity Ambrose

Producer + Assistant Director

Charity is a genius with organization. There's an incredible amount of logistics that goes into producing a high-end commercial and this is where Charity shines. We're talking time-management, gathering resources, and keeping the team focused. Lucky for us, there’s nobody better.

Charity grew up loving movies and telling stories. She always known that she would be involved in media and has worked in feature films as well as directing her own short.


Jeff Waggoner

Audio Engineer

Jeff's got ears. No seriously. He can hear things well outside the range of mere mortals, sonically speaking.

Jeff got his start doing location sound for a media group in South Africa. He's one of those rare breeds that can operate in a studio recording a pop album one week, and be in the field mixing and booming the next.

When sound is such an important part of the visual experience, we're beyond thrilled to have Jeff on board.