What is this going to cost?

Unfortunately there really is no simple answer. Like subcontractors in the construction industry, every job requires a custom bid. At Fearless, we strive to keep our pricing simple and easy to understand, but ultimately it still requires someone engaged on the clients wishes, fully aware of the scope of a project before we can sign off on a given price.


What sort of Video do I need?

Your individual needs are exactly that, individual. This is one of the pieces that makes this industry so fun. There is nothing "off the shelf" about our content. Every one of our customers gets a unique vision 0f their company, hand crafted by us. And it takes a little bit of conversation in order to figure out exactly what that is.


How far are you willing to travel?

After shooting video with Berbers in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, travel stateside is really no trick at all. The size of the crew, and how far we're willing to go is only limited by the budget. A typical scenario would involve the base price of the project, plus travel expenses. These expenses include flights, hotel and car rental. 


What is the difference between your company and XYZ?

Our primary difference is our experience in the area of creating feature films. This is what gives us the "cinematic" look and feel. It's also where we get our ability to take complex visual ideas and deliver on them powerfully. Another area that sets us apart is in our customer service. We deal in satisfied customers, that's it.


You guys make movies too?

We do. We were creators in a feature film in 2007, most of our team went on to be heavily involved in a children's television series in 2012, and we're actively pursuing the feature film market currently. We're excited to be able to bridge the gap from commercials to films, and we're excited to see where that takes us.